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  • Departments


    Established in 1995 as the backbone of the company, research department studies the Turkish capital markets and the listed companies, the macroeconomic developments and political dynamics timely and prepares detailed reports. These reports have also gained strong reputation in the sector due to their accurate analysis and corporate valuations.

    Domestic Capital Markets

    Consisting of specialists who have in-depth knowledge and quantitative research experience, the team assists the customers with their investment decisions. The department makes use of new technologies and thus is able to increase its customer base regularly. The department also allows customers to use the tele-conference rooms who are willing to watch the stock market.

    International Capital Markets

    Istanbul Stock Exchange has always been a center of attraction among emerging markets due to its high returns. As Turkish economy gains a solid ground, Istanbul Stock Exchange also made its move. Working with specialists who have distinguished education and work experience, our International Capital Markets team serves the world’s most prestigious investors and have a high market share..

    Treasury and Fixed Income

    The Turkish financial markets are highly influenced by the bonds and bills issued by the government and treasury. In line with this, it is crucial to be able to read the Turkish economy’s fundamentals, policies, and the alternative markets’ developments in order to make accurate decisions. Treasury and Fixed Income department serves our local and international customers to make proper moves in order to maximize their yields in such a dynamic and volatile atmosphere.

    Asset Management

    Portfolio managers study our customers’ risk return expectations carefully in order to be able respond to their investment needs. Our portfolio managers work in cooperation with our Treasury and Fixed Income Department and our Research Department when making decisions. Our investment funds launched in 1997 have also continuously grew over the years and enjoyed excellent results.

    Corporate Finance

    Strateji’s Corporate Finance had been established in 1997 and it has intermediated seven initial public offerings (IPOs) in the very year it was established. The corporate finance team specializes in initial and secondary public offerings, privatizations via fixed income securities issuances, corporate restructurings, mergers&acquisitions and collective investments.


    In a rapidly changing environment, Strateji invests immensely in information technologies in order to provide the best quality service to its customers. Our IT team constantly updates the software and hardware base of our company in order to be in line with the constantly increasing trade volumes and diversity of our products and services.

    Operations and Accounting

    Our operations team handles all the cash flow, securities clearing and treasury bills and government bonds activities. The operations team manages the relations with the banks and custody institutions. On the other hand, the accounting team deals with the staff and administrative workload as well as all the financial record keeping.

    Human Resources Management

    In order to satisfy the needs of the company, human resources team works to provide the best and most distinguished work force and invests in their trainings. There are frequent training programs arranged in order to provide steady improvement in our workforce. Our employees are also sent to training programs of academic institutes and other professional educations companies.

    Internal Audit

    Internal Audit Department is responsible for the supervision of the work of the operations and accounting departments to make sure that the works are in line with the Capital Markets Board legislation and related tax legislations. The team also checks the work of our brokers, customer representatives, and the treasury team works are consistent with the vision and policies of Strateji and prepares reports to the Board of Directors. Internal Audit department also prepares the monthly profitability reports and annual budgets.