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  • Our Vision

    Turkish stock markets are surely in big change. Within the emerging markets, the Turkish stock market’s development is in the top ten which creates big appetite for the investors. With this huge change taking place, few can recall the period before Istanbul Stock Exchange was switched to automatization when the brokers had to run from one board to another with their chalk covered hands holding telephones. These can only be remembered as memories with the statues placed inside the stock exchange building in İstinye now. Named “black board period”, the best service that brokerage firms could provide to their customers was to be the fastest and loudest.

    Investing in technology, both BIST and Turkish capital markets improved quite a lot which drew the attention of both Turkish and foreign investors. These improvements’ results are seen in the number of listed accounts which raised from hundreds to over one million.

    The developments in the capital markets and the stock exchange of course had an impact on the brokerage firms as well. Theinternet era has changed the way companies operate and the ones that are not open to change had to realize limited revenues.

    With the inflation being in a declining trend and the middle class expanding its borders, investors seek alternative investment instruments.

    Strateji.com.tr , in close follow of the changes and developments Turkey’s new economic realities, aims to maximize yields for its customers, making it one of the leaders in the Turkish capital marktes sector. With its strong vision, customer oriented approach and rational investment instruments, Strateji stands ahead of its competitors that provide internet based services. Strateji’s Chairman of the Board Osman Turkay explains why Strateji can be a model for brokerage firms: “Strateji’s aim is to provide all its services on internet. Considering the potential demand for the services and products we provide, we think we serve the customers the most realistic options.”

    So far, Turkish brokerage firms embraced a strategy based on call centers and branches. Strateji’s Chairman of the Board Turkay says Strateji has chosen a different path and continues “Strateji has been the leader in developing new services & products and technology improvements. The first technology company to be listed in the stock exchange because Strateji had taken the initiative. Our firm was one of the few which gave importance to the technology companies in considering stocks. Strateji is also the first brokerage firm to give internet-based services to its customers.”

    Strateji has an understanding of the Turkish markets’ embracing of the high-tech developments and thus is able to act proactively.

    A New Era in Financial Services

    Before the internet based brokerage services came into effect, trading was quite arduous. The internet-based trading gave the customers a comfort zone and speed. In line with the developments in the markets, Strateji provides its customers qualified online trading opportunities.

    Strateji, when compared to other market players, also provides its customers to access all sorts of market information, without having to become a member.

    The Story of the Change

    Established in 1995, Strateji has been seen as a market role model for other brokerage firms because of its vision to closely follow the developments in its sector worldwide and have an insight of the worldwide trends before they materialize in Turkey. Being a financial services provider, Strateji has a vision to adopt the world trends into Turkish market. Strateji positions itself as a market maker in terms of reading the developments and trends globally and adopting them into Turkish market. In line with this positioning, Strateji believes in constant change and is always preparing for the new developments.