For deposits;

    Please use IBAN

    TR25 0013 2000 0000 0000 0022 67

    (Istanbul Takas ve Saklama Bankasi, Strateji Securities Inc.) account,
    include your Strateji Client Id., Name and Surname in the detail of transaction.

  • Commission Rates

    Stock Transactions Commission Rates
    Online 5 Per Ten Thousand (%0.05)
    Via Customer Representative 2 Per Thousand (%0.2)

    Other securities (warrants, certificates, etc.) other than stocks but traded on the BIST are not included in the commission scale.

    Derivative Market (VİOP) Commission Rates
    Online 2 in Ten Thousand (%0.02)
    Via Customer Representative 3 in Ten Thousand (%0.03)

    Management Fees

    No operating fee or maintenance fee is charged at or after account opening.
    The fee charged by Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank for EFT is reflected in your account, no additional fee is charged.
    The fee charged by the Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank for the custody service will be charged to your account, and no additional fee will be charged.
    The operating fees charged by the Central Registry Agency are reflected in your account.

    Mutual Funds Commission Rates

    Since the announced fund prices are the net price after deductions of management fees, no additional commission is charged.

    • BSMV (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax) at the rate of 5% (five percent) will also be included in the commission rates.
    • Click for Borsa Istanbul fees. click here.
    • Click for Central Registry Agency fees. click here.
    • Click for Istanbul Clearing and Custody Bank's fees. click here.

    You can do your transactions,
    at our Online Trading Web Page or
    * Foreks Mobile (IOS and Android),
    * Foreks Trader (Session Tracking page in Online Trading Web Page),
    * Foreks FXPlus (Computers with Windows operating system),
    * Matriks Trader (Computers with Windows operating system)
    with these apps.

    We are also able to provide our customers with the opportunity to watch live stock markets through the above *apps, according to the realized transaction volumes.